GC Index®

We’ve been honored to officially launch The GC Index® in Romania at Leaders Development Summit and host the GC Index workshop facilitated by Dr. John Mervyn-Smith.

Organisations need a framework and language for their people that is simple, effective and outcome driven.

It needs to be scalable, reliable and adaptable but most importantly it needs to create a level playing field where everyone can contribute and make an impact. That framework is The GC Index. The language is Diversity of Contribution.

The GC Index®
– Is the first online assessment tool to identify Game Changers
– Measures how individuals are going to make an impact
– Enables organisations to create game-changing teams
– Not everyone is a Game Changer, but everyone can make a game-changing impact!

You can read an informative article on GCI here: www.linkedin.com/pulse/game-changing-transformation-comes-from-creating-teams-john-hackett

If you are curious about Dr John Mervyn-Smith’s workshop on GCIndex, you can watch an excerpt below:

The GC Index® is available in Romania through HR Enterprise. We are preparing the GC Index® accreditation programme, which will allow you to use the instrument in your organisations or in client organisations. You can express your interest by contacting Roxana Mocanu.